Frenquent Asked Questions

1. Who is the founder of Dream Team Football Academy ?

Dream Team Football Academy project initiated,founded and owned
by the group of former soccer players of Rwanda.

2. When the initiative started ?

The initiative kicked off Sept 11, 2010 at Kicukiro College of Technology ?

3. What is the mission of Dream Team Football Academy ?

Provide better football skills and mental preparation in order to give those with
enough talent to have more chance of making a good career out of it.

4. Who are the beneficiaries ?

The direct beneficiaries are the young boys and girls aged between 8-18 years
old and their parents are indirect beneficiaries.

5. How can I contact Dream Team Football Academy ?

You can reach Dream Team Football Academy by sending the e-mail to
info@sierradelagua.org or you can call our administrator Mr. Bazirake Hamim (phone +250-785278988)
otherwise you find us at our Office localted at Kicukiro Center in the Building of URWEGO UPPORTUNITY BANK
we are located in 1st Floor of that Building.

6. Where is Dream Team Football Academy traning Center ?

The training center of Dream Team Football Academy is based
At Kicukiro Colllege of Technology

7. Who are the trainers  ?

The training are provided by qualified coachs and we do have executive trainers
who are the members of the group and they come atleast once a month.

8. How to be come a member of the group ?

The children

You can send your inquiry to the following e-mail

9. How can I donate my support to Dream Team Football Academy project ?

you can ask details by sending e-mail to

10. Do I need to pay any fee to attend training ?

If you are international community you need to pay 2,000Frw per session(1 hour).
If you are a local community, you need to contribute 2,000Frw per months for upkeeping the activities of association

11. What do I need to register my children at Dream Team Football Academy ?

To register a children you need the following document :

  • Application letter addressed to the secretary General of Dream Team
  • Completed form and signed + photo passport  of the children
  • Copy of ID of one of the parents/guardian
  • Copy of ID of the Children if is 16+
  • Copy of Valid medical insurance (RSSB,MMI,MITUELLE DE SANTE or other)
  • Photocopy of student ID

12. What a children need to bring when he/she come for training ?

The children should bring the following :

  • Football Boots
  • Short and Top Football Jersey
  • Drinking water (Atleast 1L)
  • Transport money ( if a child stay far aware from Training Ground)
  • Shin Guard

13. What happen if my child get serious injury during training or Match ?

if a children get injury during training sessions or match, Dream Team Football provide quick transport from training ground to the hospital  and we call

Immediately the parents, The hospital expenses paid by the parents using the medical insurance of the children.