Three months ago, I approached the Dream Team Football Academy to see if there was a way to offer a basic recreational program for the younger children of the international community of Kigali.  The Academy was very receptive and since then, my son, along with 10-15 other 4-7 year old children have been meeting regularly to enjoy a morning of soccer.

It has been a wonderful addition to our lives.  My son meets children from other schools, my husband and I feel like we are becoming part of a larger community, and we all enjoy cheering the children on as they learn new skills and generally have fun playing football.  Many of us even go on to meet up afterwards to have a cup of coffee and a donut together.

You can tell my son loves it, since almost every morning he asks me,“ Is it soccer today?”  He got new football boots and “high” socks for his Birthday and for the first three nights wore them to bed.  He regularly tells people that he is part of a “real” football team and overall his love of football has really grown since he started playing with the Dream Team.

Added to these more direct benefits is simply knowing that the small amount I pay to have my son enjoy a morning of football, directly goes to supporting the work the Dream Team Football Academy is doing with Rwandan Youth.

All around it is a win-win situation.  My son has fun being involved in a new activity, my family meets new members of the international community, and the Dream Team Football Academy benefits from our support.

Vicky Frantz
American Independent Consultant
Kigali- Rwanda


Just like billions of other people around the world, I’ve been passionate about football since I was a little kid. I’ve been active as a football player, coach and referee in Belgium, France and Italy. In those countries, I’ve seen hundreds of clubs, both amateurs and professionals. But only very rarely did I come across people with the genuine passion and commitment as the trainers and players at the Dream Team Football Academy in Rwanda.

Lots of people are working for the development of Rwanda, but few do it as dedicated, well-organized and selflessly as the crew behind the Dream Team Football Academy. They put enormous amounts of energy and time into their “home-grown initiative”, with the sole objective to see more than a hundred kids have fun every week on the football pitch.

To work with these kids was, for me as a volunteer coach at the Dream Team, a true honour. The boys I worked with are talented, committed and disciplined, more than I’ve ever experienced in my career, and more than I deserved coaching them in my poor Kinyarwanda!

The Dream Team Football Academy is a wonderful initiative, planting the seeds for sustainable development of the country through the power of sports. May all their dreams come true!


Ruben de Winne

Volunteer Coach