Values & Objectives


Dream Team Football Academies philosophy centres on the way we train the way we play how the coaches work and how we can develop new strategies for the long and short term future, Therefore, Our values and Principles are :

  • Honestly
  • Clarity
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Trust
  • Respect

The Academies will provide a mechanism where the children can discuss personal issues that may arise. There are inevitable pressures in being an academy player our aim is to provide support for the players and the families in this area. We consider the academy to be a learning environment both on and off the pitch and we believe the player experience here will enable him/her to develop educationally, mentally and socially, as well as technically and tactically. The academy staff will build healthy working relationships with all children and regular communication that will help them to identify potential problems.


    To help boys and Girls to Stay off street through sports

·         Have a better chance of going and staying in schools,
·         Bring young Bogy and Girls together to building up a united society (given the past history of our country)
·         Help youth to learn better football skills and give those with enough talent to have more chance of making a good career out of it.
·         Helping improve our national football through best internet android tv box
·         Helping our ex-footballers to stay in game…
·         To invest in youths Solidarity through Sports;
·         To assist the youth in their recreation activities through Sports;
·         To promote cultural values through sports